Sold: Bendix KY 96A Com Radio

Bendix KY 96A Com Radio complete with tray, ready to install all connections included.

Price $550.00


SOLD: Genesis Ultralight with Rotax 618


  • Genesis Ultralight with Rotax 618 – for sale complete or for parts
  • Acquired as complete Demo Aircraft from factory in 1995 and flew low hours until it was damaged from a windstorm. Picked up off tarmac and over turned – can be repaired or parted out
  • Great Project
  • All Available options – Long Range Tanks, Electric Trim, Ballistic Chute Cabin Heater Flew Great Rotax 618 Engine with EGT, CHT and Water Temp, RPM senders and Gear Reduction

Owner: Contact James Bailey (located Calgary, Canada)
Telephone: 403 680-0434

Ultralight Flight: CTV News Video Interview with CRUFC President

Ultralight Flight

CTV News Original Air Date: Friday, September 14, 2012

Watch Video Interview

In Alberta, ultralight airplanes crashed near Ponoka, Indus and Lloydminster in the summer of 2012. That’s three accidents in as many weeks – one fatal.

Aviation enthusiasts say ultralight aircrafts are well-built machines. They point to Transport Canada, saying the required training hours are not always enough.

How safe is the hobby? What causes accidents? Mechanical problems or pilot error? How can “rules” be balanced with the public’s freedom to fly?

Alberta is a hub for this hobby, and we get the discussion on life and death issues off the ground with three experts. Mike Hughes, from Wetaskiwin, owner of Challengerwest – sales and support for advanced ultralight aircraft in western Canada; Shane Daly is President of Innovative Wings Inc., which offers building and maintenance service for amateur-built and home-built aircraft; and Norm Vienneau, President of the Calgary Recreational and Ultralight Flying Club.