2003 Volksplane

Built in 2003 this Volksplane has many upgrades including:

  • Built as single place with roomy 29½” wide cockpit
  • Full canopy
  • Push-pull control rods for ailerons and elevator
  • Counter-balanced ailerons, elevator and rudder
  • 18 USG fuel in wing tanks for safety and more range
  • Cub style landing gear with coil springs
  • Matco Tail wheel
  • Well-equipped panel
  • Adjustable seat fore and aft
  • Integrated VHF comm antenna
  • Excellent paint and fabric with Endura.
  • TTAF 230 hours, always hangared.


  1. Engine is currently disassembled.
  2. VW 1776cc with a 1.61 re-drive (3 rd generation) from Valley Engineering.
  3. Re-drive allows longer prop for better performance.
  4. Diehl accessory case for full electrics with starter (no hand propping)
  5. 72” x 48” Culver wooden prop.

The airframe is ready to fly but needs an engine re-build or a different engine such as a small Continental or Rotax 912.

I have 2 options available for purchase.

Sell the plane outright, or

  1. Sell the plane as a 50% partnership and we put it back in the air with a rebuilt VW or a different engine.
  2. Sale price is $6000, or, ½ share for cost of engine of similar value.

Contact: Guy Christie @ 780-542-1073 or gcpegasus@gmail.com

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