Volksplane VP2

This VP was completed in 2003 and has over 300 hundred hours flown.

Since 2013 it has been in storage. In Calgary

Many modifications were done some of which are;  built using plans for the two place version but made into a comfortable single seat with a 29” cockpit, Fuel was incorporated into the wings (18 gallons), landing gear is cubby style instead of leaf spring, full canopy installed, wing tips, push pull tubes for the elevator and ailerons instead of cables.

The engine is an air cooled 1776 cc Volkswagon but is disassembled and needs to be rebuilt. Comes with a 6 :1 Valley Engineering re-drive (3rd generation) plus a Diehl case for full electrics.

This plane is registered in the Ultralight category.

Everything is available to put it in the air again. It was very well built and I have several pictures of the build.

I am open to any reasonable offers or trades.

Guy Christie 780-542-1073   email; gcpegasus@gmail.com