Wondering wheres a good place in Calgary to buy ultralight supplies such as safety wire and safety wire pliers. as well as a disc brake kit?

You can buy some parts at a place called Aviall in Calgary, on 11 St. NE. Unfortunately, they have a minimum order limit of about $75.00. They also won’t sell you only 3 or 4 bolts that you might need. You’ll have to buy a whole bag of them, which, depending on the bolt or other part you want, may be more than you need or more than you want to spend.

Other alternatives include Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Canada. They’ll sell you a single cotter pin if you want. The shipping charges with Canada Post are not bad, and if they ship it on a Monday, you’ll likely have your order in Calgary by Friday.

Another alternative is Demel Aircraft in Penticton. I’ve had very good dealings with them and they will also ship just a few items at a time, though they can be a bit slower than Aircraft Spruce depending on what they have in stock.

For the sake of efficiency and saving shipping charges, I suggest ordering from either Aircraft Spruce or Demel with a good-sized list of items you need and have them shipped in one package.

Just for interest’s sake, industrial tool supply houses in Calgary such as Gregg Distributors and Acklands-Grainger also carry safety wire and safety wire pliers, though they won’t have the brake kits.