2012 – Troys East Coast Air Venture – 2012-08-05

We had planned an evening departure today to Moncton.  The weather tomorrow is not good and we figured we had better leave early to make sure we can get there.Well I have made the decision to cancel the flight.

The winds here have been howling all day, and it is not so much the wind as the direction.  It has been 90 degree across the runway.  10 gusting 25 kts.  I have never seen such a gusting wind.  I am sure the trees are causing most of it.  The wind is also forecasted to get worse as the evening goes on.  It is also 32C on the ground before the humidity!

We could take off but every other runway in New Brunswick is east/west.  If we got airborne and could not land we would have to go to Halifax.  Then the incoming weather plays another roll.

The front is just about to the Maine/NB border so we would not have much time to get to a new destination.  Saint John is currently IFR.  Might be always IFR there though;-)

The other strike is they do not sell 100ll in Bathurst, yep you heard that right.  We don’t have a ton of time to do circuits trying to land.

Circling around over heavily wooded areas, trying to land but can’t because of the cross wind and running out of fuel.  No thanks!

Maybe tomorrows weather will not be as bad as predicted and we will be on our original schedule anyway.   Time will tell.

Branch airlines carry precious cargo and they are fine for an extra day with Nan and Pop.

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