2012 – Troys East Coast Air Venture – 2012-07-30

Today was one one of the most beautiful flights.  We first climbed out of Sudbury to the high cruising altitude of 3500 ft;-).  We over flew the city then headed to the camp we stayed at 15 years ago on our drive out.  Thanks to the iPad we found it no trouble and took a few pics.  After that we climbed on top the scattered layer.  It was so mucky and hazy that I decided to descend for better views. We flew west of perry sound and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  It is amazing how many islands are there and the huge number of boats.  It was smooth over the lake with the odd float plane cruising under us.  The kids really liked looking out the window.

Toronto center was so nice and helpful.  We joined the shoreline at Hamilton and followed it into st Catherine’s.  It is hot on the ground so we slowly got ready for the cab ride.  Now having supper and beer in niagra before we walk to see the falls.  A great trip so far.  We will get pics tonight once we get the kids to bed.

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