2012 – Troys East Coast Air Venture – 2012-07-28


We are presently cruising at 9500 doing 182kts over the ground burning 10.5 165 kts true. We had to turn south of suffield do to the weather ahead. We like to avoid the areas with lightening;-). Showing 2.5 hrs from Brandon and 461 nm out. After that we head to thunder bay to avoid the thunder storms tomorrow morning.

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Made it to thunder bay in under six hours.  After Winnipeg we climbed to 11,500 for a smooth ride over the scattered clouds.  We did a bit of a dogleg just to stay within glide of civilization. Total flight for the day was 980 nm.  Very smooth flight for the most part.  Sudbury tomorrow to visit my great aunt and uncle.

SPOT Tracker

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